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The Photobooth

Our photobooth is an open air style that has the option to be paired with a backdrop.


Using a solid white wooden stand, high quality computer and camera housed in a white top casing the booth takes up very little space and looks great in any venue.

We only need 1m in width and 1m in depth to install the photobooth and provide space for guests to stand. If you are planning to use on of our backdrops this will increase to 3m in width and 2m in depth.

If you opt to provide your own or purchase props from us directly we ask you consider a table for the props to be placed.


  • Photobooth 

  • GIF Booth

  • Virtual props and decorations

  • Custom photobooth artwork

  • Email images instantly to guests

  • High quality digital camera images

  • Online event gallery allow access to your images as soon as they are taken.

  • Small footprint

NLP Promo Shoot-06.jpg
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